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Tsc texas chili - Bill Felder
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Sirloin steak cut into 3\4” jagged cubes

4 cups  
Pork loin cut into 3\8” jagged cubes 2 cups  
Owens regular pan sausage 1\2 lb.  
Lean ground hamburger meat 1 lb.  
Chili powder 5 tbs  
Ground cummin 1 tbs  
Black pepper 1tps  
Salt 1-1\2 tps  
Cinnamon stick 1  
Ground coriander 1 tbs  
Yellow cornmeal 1 tbs  
Red paparika 2 tbs  
Dried ground basil 1 tbs  
Fresh crushed garlic for a jar 1-1\2 tbs  
Shiner dark beer or any dark beer 1-1\2 cans  
10.5 oz each of campells beef broth 2 cans  
14.5 oz of chopped tomatos, undrained 1 can  
14.5 oz of whole peeled tomatos, hand crushed\pulled apart, undrained 1 can  
Fresh chopped cilantro, packed, using mostly the leaves 1-1\4 cups  
Yellow onion, cut into 1\2” pieces 3 cups  
Fresh jalapeno peppers, chopped into 1\2” pieces with seeds 2  
Tobasco sauce 2 tbs  
Worcestershire sauce 1 tbs  
Olive oil 6 tbs  

In a large skillet, add the meat and 3 tbs. Of olive oil and lightly brown for about eight minutes over medium heat.  In a large cast iron pot, add remaining olive oil, onion and garlic and saute to tender, about 5 minutes over medium heat.  After onion and garlic is tender, add 1 can of the beer, both cans of tomatos, beef broth, 1 cup of the cilantro, tobasco, worcestershire, jalapenos and bring to a boil.  After it boils, add the remaining spices and let boil for about 2 minutes, then lower to a very low simmer.  Next add all of the browned meat with a slotted spoon being sure to leave the fat out.  Cover the pot with the lid (always cook with the lid on) and stir it throughly about every 10 minutes.  The lower the heat the better.  It will take about  2 hours to cook it’s self down.   Be sure to stir from the bottom so it does not stick and burn.  You want the meat and spices to blend and after about 1 hour, it will start to go soft and form a type of gravey over the meat.  I use a heavy woodedn spoon that also allows me to mash the meat and tomato up a bit when i stir.  After 1-1\2 hours of cooking, add the other 1\2 cup of cilantro, remaining beer, corn meal and cook for about 20 to 30 minutes more.  After it has cooked for the 20 to 30 minutes, check it as you may need to add a little water.  Not much as you want to have it just wet enough to make a heavy gravey.  This is not a very hot\spicey tasting chili (kids and yankee’s can eat it) so if you want it hotter, just add two more jalapaneos.   I have found that a well seasoned cast iron pot works best and will hold the heat in better then a stainless steel pot.
This rescipe has won several awards and almost always places due to the fact that it has a little different taste because of the cilantro.

Be sure to cut the sirloin and pork loin up in the correct size and try not to make all of the meat look like perfect little squares.  I usually cut the meat to size, put it in a mound on a cutting board, then take a large knife and make a several chops into the meat to give it that jagged look.

Garnish with monterey jack or cheddar cheese.


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