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TSC Rodeo Bean Recipe - Bill Felder
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Dry and cleaned Pinto Beans 15 Lbs
Tomato Juice 1 Gallon
Crushed garlic (form a jar) 8 tbs
Black pepper 4 tbs
(add 5 tbs. @ first, rest to get the right taste)
4 to 8 tbs
Chili pepper powder
(cheapest you can buy)
10 tbs
Link sausage
(each link split than cut into 1\4" slices)
10 Lbs
Large Tomatoes
(cut into 1" pieces, each tomato should yield about 12 to 16 pieces).
Large Jalapenos
(for 6, split and remove seeds then cut into 3\4" slices. Same for other 6 just leave the seeds in).
Large white onions
(cut into 1" pieces, a few layers for each piece. One onion should yield about 12 to 16 pieces)
Bunches of Cilantro
(remove most of the lower stems).

Clean the beans (remove any "all brown beans" and rocks) and cover with water and soak over night in plenty of water (usually cover the beans by 8" of water) in a very big pot. The next day, remove any beans or parts that are floating and put remaining beans into a very big boiling pot. Add the tomato juice and enough water to cover the beans by several inches (8"), cover with a lid and bring to a rolling boil. Your gas burner should be as high on as it can go. You may need to stir them every 5 minutes or so till they start the rolling boil and will not burn on the bottom of the pot. Some gas burners are hotter then others and will heat the beans\water quicker. Be sure you have a good fitting lid for the pot that the beans are to be boiled in. A rolling boil is where the middle of the pot is revolving beans from the pot bottom to the top. When the beans get to a rolling boil add the chili powder, sausage, black pepper and garlic. While the beans are boiling, I usually chop up the tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and cilantro. Every 15 minutes, stir the beans and check to see if you need add water. Usually I do, but add little amounts at a time so you do not stop the rolling boil. You want enough water to cover at least 6" of the beans at all times.

Do not let the rolling boil stop as the beans on the bottom of the pot could now burn.

It should take around 2 hours for the beans to just become soft (sort of crunchy, but just on the edge of being done). Again this is a burner thing as some burners will cook the beans faster then other burners. You need to think that another 10 to 15 minutes and the beans will be done. At this point, add the tomatoes, jalapenos, onions and 4 tablespoons of salt, stir and let boil for 10 minutes. Taste the broth and beans to see if you need to add more of the salt. Sometimes I add more salt, other times I do not. You be the judge. After this 10 minutes, check to see if the beans are tender and the broth tastes right. If everything is OK, add the cilantro and boil for 3more minutes only. Stir and then turn off the burner and remove from the gas stand (it will still be hot and can burn the pot bottom of beans if they are left on it. Put the lid on the pot and wrap the seams tightly with foil and do not open for at least an hour. During this hour, the beans will absorb all of the other flavors. Do not worry as they will still be plenty hot when you need to serve them after the hour wait.


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