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TSC Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce - Bill Felder
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Day old French Bread cubes (I just tear it up into 2" size) 5 cups  
Eggs 4  
Whole Milk 2&2\3 cups  
White sugar 2\3 cup  
Vanilla 2 tbs  
Ground cinnamon 1&1/2 tps  
Golden Raisins 1\2 cup  
Pecan pieces 1\2 cup  
Brown Sugar 6 tbs  

Whip the eggs in a large bowl then add the milk, white sugar, vanilla, ground cinnamon, pecans and raisins. Mix thoroughly. Add the bread crumbs and mix a half dozen times to get the bread soggy. Butter the inside of a cake pan and pour the mixture into it. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the top and cover with foil. Bake at about 325 for an hour.

SAUCE 8 tbs  
Butter 1 lb.  
White Sugar 1 whole chicken  
Egg Yolk Whipped Fine 3 cups  
Water 3 cups  
Jack Daniels or Dark Rum 2 cups  

Melt butter in a sauce pan then add sugar, water and egg yolk. Just when it boils add the Whiskey and remove from the heat. Stir it for about a minute letting it cool. Let it cool about 2 minutes (it will start to thicken) then pour over the bread pudding.

Note for BBQ Competition cooking on the pit

This is for six small individual cakes. Forget the nuts and use small foil cake cups. Butter cake cups inside then lightly add brown sugar to the sides and bottom of the foil cup. Cover bottom with raisins then pour in mixture. Can also use peaches from a can if you do not want to use raisins. Peaches make this taste like a peach cobbler. Be sure to butter the foil that you now use to cover the top of the small cake cups. At the back end of the pit, at about 275 degrees, cook for about an hour. Remove foil and flip cake out onto plate (small side on top). Cover with sauce and serve immediately.

Be sure to double the sauce recipe for this type of competition as you will simply want to really have a lot of sauce on each cake.


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